GTAP-Power Data Base: Version 10

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Maksym Chepeliev


This paper documents changes introduced to version 10 of the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) Power (GTAP-Power 10) Data Base construction process relative to the GTAP-Power build stream developed in Peters (2016). First, in Peters (2016) output of the electricity and heat generation sector was split into different technologies using electricity generation data only. We use heat and electricity generation volumes to provide a more representative sectoral split and achieve a better concordance with GTAP 10 Data Base sectoral definitions. Second, we introduce data on country and year-specific shares of transmission and distribution costs in electricity price for 80 countries. In the GTAP-Power 9 Data Base this cost share was assumed to be uniform across all countries and regions. Finally, for every reference year, we update the levelized cost of electricity generation. We first compare GTAP-Power 9 Data Base construction results with and without corresponding changes. We then construct the GTAP-Power 10 Data Base and showcase how it can be used to estimate carbon dioxide emissions embodied in final consumption of electricity generated by different technologies.

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Chepeliev, M. (2020). GTAP-Power Data Base: Version 10. Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 5(2), 110–137.
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